Are there age limits?
Break it Down® clinics are for the very young dancer to professional. All have much to benefit from a Break it Down® Clinic.

Ingrid Caruso developed the "Break it Down®" method and clinics as a way to keep up with the needs of today’s Dancer. She has spent the last 50 years as a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher. In that time, she has seen the dance world become more aggressive and competitive than ever. Ingrid developed a unique understanding of foundational Dance technique and more importantly, how to teach it and teach it quickly.

“Without exception, Ballet is the most important class a dancer can take. However, as a teacher/trainer, I consider so much more than Ballet curriculum. In order to teach any one dancer proper technique successfully, one has to have some understanding of kinesiology.  I also consider how different body types, bone structure, age, personality types can all create a different path to achieving the same skill.”…

“It’s simply not enough to go to a gym, aggressively work on a leg and Ab machine, with the expectation that you are going to develop the right muscles and strength you need to be a dancer. Dancers are unique in that they are flexible, lean, and strong, without the muscle bulk. You don’t get that way with random machines and lifting weights. Even with well-informed fitness trainers, the focus is often wrong for a dancer.”

About Break It Down® Clinics

Who can take a Break it Down® Clinic?

Clinics are designed for but not limited dance studios and the like. High school Dance team, College Dance teams, Fitness gyms and studios would all benefit from one or all of the Break it Down® Clinics


Why the

Break it Down® Method?

All of the Break it Down® clinics are designed by a Dancer for Dancers. Our method is specifically designed to keep a dancers esthetic while creating powerful dancers. Competitive dancers especially need the injury protection that comes from knowing how to properly build power without building bulk.

Break It Down®

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