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Meet the Owners

Ingrid Caruso

Ingrid Caruso brings an impressive 50 years of industry experience. Ingrid has been active in both the Dance and Music world as a performer, Teacher and consultant.  Though Ingrid spent more than 30 years as a Professional Singer/Dancer, it was early in her young career that she was recognized for having a natural ability to understand and teach Dance technique.  Ingrid was only 11 when hired to record and demonstrate some of the very first Dance training aids and dance conventions created for teachers all over the world.  Ingrid Caruso has worked with an amazing A- list of talent including Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire, Bella Lewitsky, Twyla Tharp, Alexander Godunov, Gap Band, Cher, Marvin Gaye, etc… Ingrid has been honored by NARAS with a  Grammy “recognition Award” for her work in the industry, was elected for a Grammy nomination, has had several releases hit Billboards top 10 charts, won 10 international awards for children’s Sing & Dance a-longs, Creative Children’s award and recognition, wrote and produced the very first HDTV music video for Comcast. Ingrid Caruso currently spends most of her time training and advising professional and student dancers.

"Break it Down" method was founded by Ingrid Caruso. With years of experience and understanding, Break it Down Clinics were created to help dancers keep up with the demands of the dance industry. The clinics consist of strong  dance technique, aggressive and focused muscle conditioning, Injury prevention, complete understanding of “How To” and personal “Trouble Shooting”, etc.  Ingrid Caruso’s "Break it Down" method and clinics are nationally recognized as proven and successful.


Victoria Caruso

Victoria Caruso has been involved with the Dance and Cheer world since 2006 both as a competitor and as an administrative assistant. Victoria has a degree in Business Management and has spent the last couple years as a Department Manager overseeing, product marketing, Fundraisers, and team outings.  Victoria Caruso’s work ethic along with her management and marketing skills has played a key role in bringing “Break it Down" and clinics to where it is today.